[100+] Cool Attitude Status for Whatsapp in English

100 Cool Attitude Status for Whatsapp  in English100 Cool Attitude Status for Whatsapp  in English
100 Cool Attitude Status for Whatsapp  in English

Here is the list of Top 100 Cool Attitude Whatsapp Status in English. Now we have decided to provide you most unquiet and Cool Whatsapp Status, which you can use on WhatsApp and Facebook profile. Even, you can edit your pictures and put these awesome lines to rock in front of your friends and received most comments and like on it. So, enjoy this collection and surf more status including: Love Status in English, Funny Status in English and Best Whatsapp Status Ever. We also have Whatsapp Status in Hindi, So you can enjoy Hindi Status and English Status

100+ Cool Attitude Status for Whatsapp

1. “Sometimes you succeed and other times you learn.”

2. “An attitude is an inward thought that wiggles its way out.”

3. “I’m not cranky. I just have a violent reaction to stupid people.”

4. “A bad attitude can literally block love, blessings and destiny from finding you. Don’t be the reason you don’t succeed.”

5. “I always dream of being a millionaire like my uncle… He’s dreaming too.”

6. “I love my job only when I’m on vacation.”

7. “If you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and find you are ready for greater challenges.”

8. “Defeat never comes to any man until he admits it.”

9. “Friends come and go, but enemies remain and build up.”

10. “We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.”

Attitude Quotes in English

11. “Not all men are fools, some stay bachelor.”

12. “Like me for who I am and not for who you want me to be. Take it or leave it. That simple.”

13. “Time is precious, waste it wisely.”

14. “What others think of me is none of my business.”

15. “Keep your face towards the sunshine, you will never see the shadow.”

16. “Some people call me Mike, you can call me tonight.”

17. “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”

18. “I’m not virgin, my life fuck me everyday.”

19. “I talk to myself because I like dealing with a better class of people.”

20. “I’m only responsible for what I say not for what you understand.”

Attitude Status in English

21. “Love me or hate me I’m still gonna shine.”

22. “My attitude is based on how you treat me.”

23. “I am not perfect but I am limited Edition.”

24. “I’m not drunk, I’m just chemically off-balanced.”

25. “I don’t care what you think of me! Unless you think I’m awesome in which case, you’re right! Carry on.”

100 Cool Attitude Status for Whatsapp  in English
100 Cool Attitude Status for Whatsapp  in English

26. “Everyone has an annoying friend. If you don’t have one, it’s probably you.”

27. “Good friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, impossible to forget.”

28. “Don’t run after him who tries to avoid you.!”

29. “Judge me and I’ll prove you wrong. Crush me and I will stand up on my own. The more that I hurt the more I will know I’m stronger each time, each time I fall.”

30. “A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else.”

Attitude Best Whatsapp Status

31. “I enjoy those small chats you have when people come up and talk to you about your work. It only involves a few seconds of effort to be nice to those people, and I am very grateful for the kind words that people have taken the trouble to express to me in person.”

32. “Relation of friendship is greater then the relation of blood.”

33. “Don’t get my personality and my attitude twisted, because my personality is me, and my attitude depends on you!”

34. “I am not made or unmade by the things which happen to me but my reaction to them.”

35. “A true friend is someone who never gets tried of listening to your pointless dramas over and over again.”

36. “I am multi talented, i can talk and piss you off at the same time.”

37. “Every friendship doesn’t change into love but every love begins with friendship.”

38. “Never forget who was there for you when no one else was.”

39. “Treat me like a queen and I’ll treat you like my king. Treat me like a game. And I’ll show you how it’s played.”

40. “World is full of smiles, whenever friends are with me.”

Awesome Attitude Whatsapp Status

41. “That awesome moment when you’re telling a lie and your best friend notices and joins you.”

42. “I’m just a mirror for you, You are good, I’m best, You are bad, I’m worst.”

43. “Life: Besides gravity, nothing keeps me down.”

44. “Whatever life gives you, even if it hurts, just be strong & act like you’re okay. Strong walls shake, but never collapse.”

45. “Sleep till you’re hungry… Eat till you’re sleepy. ”

46. “If your bad. Call me your Dad.”

47. “A can-do attitude is all one needs. It acts like a bridge between success and failure.”

48. “If I was asked what a friend looks like, I would seat next to you and hold you tight because you define what true friendship really is.”

49. “I’m looking for a bank loan which can perform two things..give me a Loan and then leave me Alone. ”

50. “I don’t follow others, I only follow my orders because I am my own boss.”

100 Cool Attitude Status for Whatsapp  in English

51. “I let my haters be my motivators.”

52. “Tried to loose weight… But it keeps finding me. ”

53. “I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by selling my car. ”

54. “Attitude is not what you learn from school, it is part of your nature from within.”

55. “It is a positive attitude towards life that makes dreams come true.”

56. “Take me as I am or watch me as I go.”

57. “Excellence is not a skill, It is an attitude.”

58. “Life is too short. Don’t waste it reading my Whatsapp status.”

59. “My middle finger salutes your attitude.”

60. “I don’t have an attitude problem, you have a perception problem.”

Attitude Whatsapp Status

61. “Sorry vegetarians we can’t pretend.”

62. “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”

63. “I started out with nothing and i still have most of it :)”

64. “Your attitude toward what is right and wrong shows what you truly are.”

65. “Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times.”

66. “No one succeeds without effort… Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance.”

67. “I did lots of stupid things on social networking sites but atleast I never commented “Cute pic dear“ on girls profile picture.”

68. “My “last seen at” was just to check your “last seen at”. ”

69. “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity; the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

70. “I enjoy when people show Attitude to me because it shows that they need an Attitude to impress me! ”

Cool Whatsapp Status

71. “Stop checking my status ! Go get a Life! ”

72. “My attitude is my frame of mind, Like me a second person you can’t find.”

73. “Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.”

74. “My personality is who I am & my attitude depends on who you are!”

75. “Don’t confuse my personality and my attitude because my personality is ME and my attitude depends on YOU.”

100 Cool Attitude Status for Whatsapp  in English
100 Cool Attitude Status for Whatsapp  in English

76. “If people are trying to bring you ‘Down’, It only means that you are ‘Above them’. ”

78. “A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you won’t get no where til you change it.”

79. “Excuse me. I found something under my shoes oh its your Attitude. ”

80. “I never repeat any mistake twice. 3, 4 times may be. But never twice.”

Attitude Whatsapp Status in English

81. “I don’t have an attitude!! I have a personality you can’t handle!”

82. “I’m cool but global warming made me hot. ”

83. “I loved a girl and she broke my heart. Now every piece of my heart love different girls. People called it flirt that’s not fair.”

84. “Never allow yourself to be so desperate that you end up settling for far less than that you deserve.”

85. “Wake up each day and live your life like a maniac.”

86. “I always arrive late at office but I make it by leaving early. ”

87. “If you cannot attract them with your charms just repel them with your attitude.”

88. “If you think I am BAD than you’re wrong, I’m the worst.”

89. “I’m not changed it’s just I grew up and you should try too.”

90. “Treat me the way you expect to be treated.”

Attitude Quotes and Status

91. “The bigger the challenge, the greater risk I’ll take, the more contented I am.”

92. “I know the voices in my head aren’t real but sometimes their ideas are just absolutely awesome!”

93. “Success is the by- product of your attitude.”

94. “I may not be the best, I may not loved by anyone but I am me. Thats what makes me special.”

95. “Don’t like my attitude? Report me at who cares dot com”

96. “I never insult people I only tell them what they are.”

97. “The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem.”

98. “There’s always a person that you hated for no reason.Love me or hate me but you will never change me”

99. “Love me or hate me but you will never change me”

100. “I know who I am, you have no need to explain.”

100 Cool Attitude Status for Whatsapp  in English
100 Cool Attitude Status for Whatsapp  in English

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